5 Dental Problems that Warrant Urgent Treatment

Just like other parts of your body, there are several things that can go wrong inside your mouth. While not all dental issues are considered a dental emergency, it is important to know when your symptoms demand urgent treatment and when they can wait. If you are suffering from any of the following dental scenarios, contacting an emergency dentist is best:

#1 Broken Tooth
Accidents happen. If you have fractured or broken one of your teeth, schedule an emergency dental appointment as soon as you can. In the meantime, try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water to cleanse the area and help manage your discomfort.

#2 Missing Filling or Crown
While fillings and crowns are bonded strongly to your teeth, they can still become dislodged, loose or fall out. Losing a filling or crown is more than an inconvenience, it needs to be treated promptly because the affected tooth is left exposed and vulnerable without its dental restoration.

#3 Sudden or Worsening Toothache
Toothaches are very difficult to ignore and one of the most common reasons why patients schedule emergency dental care. Pain within a tooth can be the result of several oral health issues. A dentist is needed to not only relieve your discomfort but also treat the underlying problem before it spreads to neighboring teeth or puts the livelihood of your tooth in danger.

#4 Abscessed Tooth
An abscessed tooth can produce excruciating pain so it is not hard to convince patients to see a dentist immediately. An abscess is marked by pain and swelling. It also indicates infection, so the problem warrants prompt and aggressive action.

#5 Exposed Nerves
Your teeth are covered by a strong outer layer of enamel. The roots of your teeth have less enamel but they have gums to cover them. Below the enamel of your teeth is dentin, where tiny tubules reside that lead to your inner tooth nerves. If bacteria or other elements reach the nerve of the tooth, you will know it! Patients may know they have an exposed tooth nerve if they experience searing pain with breathing, sipping drinks or even moving. An emergency dental visit is in order!

An Emergency Dentist for All Ages

Village Dental is proud to offer emergency dental care to the NYC community. Our expertise covers a full range of dental specialties, including preventative, restorative and cosmetic care. While pain is often the leading reason why patients seek urgent dental treatment, please don’t hesitate to call our office with any type of dental concern. We are here to help you retain a confident, healthy and comfortable smile!

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