Village Dental NYC - New York, NY

$99 Exam
& X-Ray*

*New Patients Only.
*This is for Limited Exam only, not comprehensive

Don’t let pain hold you back from the dentist! Call Village Dental NYC today and we will fit you into our schedule so you can get out of pain and back to living your best life! For just $99, we will evaluate the health of your smile with an in-depth examination and x-ray. We will then go over with you how we can help fix your concern with effective and gentle dentistry. Don’t live with dental pain or a broken smile for a minute longer than you need to!

Excellent Care

We believe in providing quality dental care to help each patient reach and maintain a healthy smile!

Convenient Times

Our appointment schedule gives each patient options that allow them to keep up on their dental care!

Advanced Technology

More advanced than ever before, the technology we offer allows us to best serve each and every patient!


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