Fixing Front Tooth Gap

While there are many reasons why patients hide their smile, a front tooth gap is among the most popular. In fact, the recent increase in virtual meetings may be making you especially aware (and self-conscious) about this noticeable space between your two front teeth. The good news is that there are several ways to close your front tooth gap and it may be less invasive and less expensive than you think.

To determine which cosmetic dentistry service is best for addressing your front tooth gap, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Is the gap caused by missing teeth?
If the empty space in your smile was caused by a lost tooth, you’ll need to consider a restorative dentistry option like a dental implant or bridge.

Are there other alignment issues?
While not everyone is willing to invest the time and money required, orthodontics can move your front teeth closer together while also addressing other misalignment issues you may have. Keep in mind that modern orthodontics offers clear and comfortable solutions, such as Invisalign, that are more preferred by teens and adults.

How large is your tooth gap?
The size of your tooth gap will greatly determine your treatment options. A minor space can be improved with cosmetic dental bonding, which is a simple, affordable and quick procedure that builds up the sides of the adjacent teeth with composite resin. Larger tooth gaps may require porcelain veneers, which are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that bond to the front surfaces of your teeth and can produce remarkable enhancements to your smile appearance.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your front tooth gap? At Village Dental, we are happy to explain your options in cosmetic dentistry. Our NYC office offers complete dental care, including cosmetic and implants dentistry as well as modern orthodontics. Call today and let us create a smile you are proud of.

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