Reasons to Feel Better About Getting a Root Canal

Root canals have an unfortunate reputation. It is not uncommon for people to wince at the term “root canal” and assume it is a lengthy and very painful procedure. However, for those that truly understand this dental procedure, root canals are quite the opposite. Instead of inducing pain, root canals are often the only way to bring you out of pain. Here’s a closer look at root canal therapy, which will undoubtedly help you feel more confident and calm if your dentist has suggested this endodontic treatment for you.

Root canal therapy is a procedure that restores an infected tooth. A root canal is suggested when bacteria and infection has reached the inner pulp of a tooth, which can typically be very painful since that is where your tooth nerves reside. During a root canal, your dentist will remove the infected tooth pulp and sanitize the inside of the tooth to eliminate lingering bacteria. The tooth is then filled with a special filling material to prevent the intrusion of future bacteria. In most cases, a crown is used to restore the integrity and strength of the treated tooth. Now that you know the truth about what this procedure entails, here’s the myths you can stop believing about root canal therapy.

Common Myths About RCT

Myth #1: Root canal treatment is painful.

This is the most common misconception about root canal therapy. With modern technology and anesthetics, a root canal is actually no more painful than getting a dental filling. Instead, this is a procedure that can relieve the often intense pain that comes from an infected tooth.

Myth #2: The benefits of root canal therapy are temporary.

Root canals are meant to be a permanent repair for an infected tooth. It is often the crown that is placed after the root canal that can determine the long-term health of the treated tooth. It is important that the crown be made of durable materials and precisely fit to the tooth. Patients should also understand how to care for their crown and protect it from damage.

Myth #3: Tooth extraction is a good alternative to root canal therapy.

This is a very unfortunate misconception. Extracting a natural tooth that could otherwise be saved with a simple root canal procedure can do more harm than good. Not only will you be faced with replacing the missing tooth with a costly dental implant or bridge, but the extraction process may leak bad bacteria into your bloodstream.

Root Canals from a Skilled, Gentle Dentist

At Village Dental, we understand the fear and dread that patients experience in the face of root canal therapy. However, we are also here to dispel the bad reputation that root canals get and help patients understand the remarkable benefits that this straightforward treatment can provide for your existing discomfort as well as your future smile health.

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