Many people suffer from gum disease, some without even realizing it. One of the main factors for tooth loss in older adults is the presence of gum disease. The best ways to effectively reduce the risk of tooth loss is to detect gum disease early and treat it right away.

Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar is trapped above and below the gumline. The development of bacteria causes the gums to recede resulting in loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. By visiting your dentist for regular check-ups, your dental team can help you maintain a healthy smile by removing plaque and tartar buildup at each visit and immediately treating any signs of gum disease. 

Gum Recession Treatment

To determine the best type of treatment, your dental team will examine your gums and determine the extent of the gum disease. The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. At this early stage, treatment typically includes at-home oral care and a professional cleaning. Removal of plaque and tartar buildup is key in reversing the signs of gum disease. Scaling and root planing is a treatment that cleans the gums above and below the gumline and this may be recommended as well. In more advanced stages of gum disease, antibiotics may be applied to the gums to halt infection. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary.

One of the main symptoms of gum disease is red, swollen gums. As gum disease progresses, symptoms will worsen over time. Gums may bleed when brushing or flossing. If you are suffering from symptoms of gum disease in the New York, NY area, our team can help! Call our office today to schedule a visit and get relief from the effects of gum disease.

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