Special Needs

At Village Dental NYC, each patient’s specific needs are important to us. Helping each patient stay comfortable and relaxed while getting the quality dental care that they need is our ultimate goal. If you have specific dental needs, we will go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and able to maintain a healthy smile.

Dental Phobia

Many patients dread dental visits. Whether they have had a bad past dental experience or are scared to receive dental treatment, there are many reasons patients don’t enjoy their dental appointments. This can cause some people to avoid their dentist altogether. When you avoid your dentist visits, dental emergencies can come unexpectedly. We want to make it possible for each patient to feel relaxed throughout every visit so that they can receive the dental care that they need to keep their smile on the right track. Sedation dentistry has changed the way many people view their dental visits, and it can help you too! By using sedation, you can feel comfortable in the dental chair and your dentist can accomplish a lot of dental work in just one visit. If you are interested in sedation dentistry in New York, NY, call our office today to schedule a visit.

Gag Reflex

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it can make dental care challenging and uncomfortable. There are many ways we can help avoid triggering your gag reflex during your dental care. Relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, distractions and sedation dentistry can all help treat your gag reflex. Gag reflex can be caused by many different factors including your mouth size, sensitivity and dental anxiety. Our team is well-experienced and well-trained. We will work to learn your dental needs and help you receive dental care without gag reflex issues. Call today to get started! 

Patients with Disabilities 

If you or a loved one has disabilities and needs specialized dental care, let us know what you need. We will do everything in our power to make your dental experience successful and comfortable. Specialized treatment plans can be made that accomodate your needs and allow you to maintain a healthy smile. Call to schedule a consultation and we will work with you to find the best way to meet your needs and care for your smile.


Sedation dentistry has changed the way many patients view their dental visits. Dental fears and anxiety affect several patients due to bad past dental experiences or other factors. If you have trouble sitting still through a dental visit, sedation dentistry can help. There are several options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving quality dental care. If you are searching for sedation dentistry, we offer high-quality sedation services that will help you enjoy each and every visit. Call our office today to take the first step towards a better dental experience!

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