What’s Causing Your Toothache?

Throbbing, aching, or stabbing pain in a tooth is often impossible to ignore. In fact, it can be difficult to eat, sleep or even concentrate when you have a bad toothache. As your dentist, eliminating your discomfort is a top priority. However, in order to effectively treat your toothache, we need to uncover the cause first. There are actually several different causes for tooth pain, including those that involve accidental injury as well as those associated with the health of the tooth. If you are unsure as to why you have a throbbing toothache, you’ve probably already ruled out an injury or trauma.

When it comes to oral health problems that cause toothaches, decay and gum disease are primary culprits.

Tooth Decay

While not all cavities or areas of decay produce symptoms, if it is severe enough, patients will experience significant pain. This occurs when the tooth decay has penetrated the tooth’s innermost layer, or the pulp. The pain is triggered because the nerves within this pulp are under attack. In this case, the best and only way to save the tooth and eliminate the pain is to perform a root canal. A root canal removes the infected pulp, cleans the inner canals and fills the empty chamber with a special filling material. A crown is often needed to provide further protection.

Gum Disease

It could be that your toothache is coming from the surrounding gums. It is possible to have gums that become painfully inflamed due to infection. Periodontal disease develops when plaque is allowed to accumulate along the gum line and around the roots of the teeth. When the infection festers, the gums recede or pull away, exposing sensitive structures of the tooth roots. A deep cleaning to remove hardened plaque and bacteria in the gum pockets and on the tooth surface is needed to remedy your toothache in this situation.

Letting a dentist pinpoint and treat the underlying cause of your debilitating toothache is critical. Ignoring tooth pain or relying on pain relievers to mask the discomfort will only cause a dental health problem to worsen and spread. At Village Dental in NYC, we are fully equipped to treat your toothache. We offer emergency dentistry so that you can get the prompt care you deserve when your smile isn’t comfortable.

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