Why Dental Bonding Is the Goldilocks Option of Cosmetic Dentistry

Handsome man at with clean teeth from the treatment at Village Dental in NYC 10003

Feel like your smile just isn’t right? Maybe you have flaws that seem minor but feel significant to you, like little chips, a gap tooth, or unevenness. Look no further, Goldilocks. Cosmetic bonding can correct minor imperfections without the need for more extensive treatments. Village Dental’s cosmetic dentists can apply a tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth and shape it to create your ideal look. Plus, this just-right solution is not too invasive, not too expensive, and requires minimal commitment. 

#1: These Teeth Aren’t Smooth Enough

Cosmetic chips in your teeth might not pose a health risk, but they can feel like all people are focusing on if you’re self-conscious about them. Cosmetic bonding covers up these and other little imperfections that you may feel are sabotaging your smile. This isn’t an all-or-nothing option either—we can apply bonding to just one tooth if you have a chip that you just can’t stand. However extensive a bonding treatment you need, we can make sure your smile looks smooth and balanced.

#2: These Teeth Are Too Small

If you feel like all your teeth look small or you have some that are not in proportion with the rest of your smile, dental bonding offers an elegant solution. Our Union Square cosmetic dentists can expertly sculpt the bonding resin on your teeth to a more desirable size. This creates a balanced, harmonious smile, all in just one visit. 

#3: These Teeth Aren’t Straight Enough

Although Village Dental offers stellar Invisalign® treatment and support, we know it’s not for everyone. Dental bonding could be the perfect middle ground if you have slightly misaligned teeth but don’t have the time or budget for braces or aligners. Cosmetic bonding can correct minor spacing issues or crookedness. We apply the resin to your teeth’s edges, effectively creating a more uniform look. This optical illusion of straightness can be achieved without the discomfort and time commitment of traditional orthodontic treatments. 

#4: These Teeth Are Too Stained

Some stains don’t respond to our ZOOM teeth whitening such as ones caused by medications or health conditions. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck on getting a luminous smile. Our cosmetic dentists color-match the resin we use in dental bonding. That means we can either match the bonding to your existing tooth color or give you a whiter smile. Thanks to its customization, bonding allows you to easily camouflage stains with no downtime. 

#5: These Teeth Aren’t Symmetrical Enough

Whether you have one tooth that’s a different shape or several uneven teeth, bonding can significantly improve the symmetry and appeal of your smile. We can apply it to specific problem teeth, to a full arch, or to all of your teeth. We walk you through how we shape your teeth with the bonding resin to get you a tailored solution. Enjoy more uniform and aligned teeth that blend seamlessly with each other. 

Get Teeth That Are Just Right with Cosmetic Bonding

Village Dental ensures you get just what you’re looking for with our dental bonding treatment. With this versatile procedure, we literally shape your teeth to look exactly how you want in just one visit to our Union Square dentist office. Your search for a smile that fits you ends here. Contact us today to set up an appointment.