Wisdom Teeth: Why They May Need Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is often considered as a rite of passage for many teens. The procedure typically happens between the ages of 17 and 21 and involves a simple oral surgery to extract the third set of molars, also known as the wisdom teeth. What is the big deal about wisdom teeth? And why do some teenagers have the luxury of avoiding wisdom teeth removal? Here’s some insight to help you understand why wisdom teeth removal is a commonly recommended procedure.

Top Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom teeth are the final four teeth to emerge in the mouth. Unfortunately, they are known for causing more harm than good. Due to lack of jaw space to erupt properly, wisdom teeth often come in sideways, fail to emerge completely above the gum line or become impacted. Thankfully, dental x-rays can detect potential wisdom teeth problems before they occur and removal can be scheduled as a preventative measure.

A dentist may suggest wisdom teeth extraction if you have the following:

  • Partial eruption of wisdom teeth, leaving a flap of gum tissue that makes you prone to infection
  • Crooked wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth that are difficult to clean
  • Lack of space in your jaw for your wisdom teeth to come in at all
  • A cyst around the wisdom tooth, posing a risk for damage to the tooth’s roots and bone

Wisdom Tooth Removal is Nothing to Fear

Countless patients undergo wisdom teeth extraction each year. It is a straightforward procedure with 2-3 days of easy recovery. You can expect to be kept comfortable throughout your oral surgery with the use of local anesthetics and sedation dentistry. It is important to carefully follow any post-operative instructions given to you, as these will minimize discomfort and accelerate healing. Keep in mind that you don’t need your wisdom teeth to speak and eat, so there is no need to replace these teeth once they are extracted.

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal from a trusted family dentist in New York, call Village Dental. Dr. Piamonte is known for excellence when it comes to dental care for teens!

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